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EMERGENCY DIAL 911- NON EMERGENCY 245-5270 - BUSINESS (Opt 3) 794-4010  - COURT CLERK (Opt 1) 794-2440 - FAX 794-9310 

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      H e l p  s t o p  I d e n t i t y  T h e f t

The Hahira Police Department is an eight person force and provides professional 24-hour protection to homes and businesses in the city.  The department is fully equipped with state-of -the-art modern equipment.  In carrying out its responsibilities, the department works closely with county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The Hahira Police Department is recognized for a "No Tolerance" stance on crime and for maintaining one of the lowest crime rates in Lowndes County and the nation.  

The Hahira Police Department operates under a community-oriented policing philosophy and regularly patrols residential and business districts, investigates criminal activities and enforces local and state laws. Hahira's incidence of serious crime is far lower than the state or national average for cities of comparable size.


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M i s s i n g  K i d s  i n  G e o r g i a
Follow this link to view missing children from our area

G B I/F u g i t i v e s
Have you seen any of these individuals?  Get the scoop on Georgia's Most Wanted

Y o u r   R i g h t s
Information about your rights
as a victim or criminal

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  • Professional - Each officer receives at least 20 hours of training each year.

  • Responsive  - Average response time to accident or crime scene: 2 minutes.

  • Experienced - The average Hahira Police Officer has eight years of law enforcement experience.

  • HPD includes a chief, six sworn officers, and a clerk of court.


  • Drug Abuse Education Seminars

  • Bicycle I.D. Programs

  • Neighborhood Watch Program

  • Child Fingerprinting Program

  • The House and Business
     Watch Program

Hahirans will always remember those lost and affected by the horrible terrorist attacks on the United States of America on 9/11/01.  We keep them in our thoughts and prayers. We encourage everyone to show their patriotism and do every thing possible to support those in need. We ask that you proudly fly our Nations flag in support of our Country, our President  and our men and women in uniform.

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M o o d y  A i r  F o r c e  B a s e
Read about the best AFB in the world
located only 15 miles east of Hahira

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We are displaying the following information about missing children.
If you see or have information concerning any of these children
please contact
or call the Hahira Police Department at 229-794-2440 with your information immediately.

Are your children as safe as possible? The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has a very informative newsletter entitled, "Just in case...What to do if your child is missing or runs away" ,which may help protect your child.     Click here to view the NCMEC newsletter

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